Why Smart Business Cards are better than Paper Business Cards?

Why Smart Business Cards are better than Paper Business Cards?

With the rise of global working opportunities business cards are always important for a company. Business cards are bearing business information about a company or individual Business cannot begin until business cards are exchanged.  Nowadays Business cards are not only necessary in international business, but they are also used ceremoniously in some cultures and some are treated with respect. One of the most significant advantages of digital business cards is that it is a convenient way to store as much information as you want in one place. Technology has transformed the way of business communication.

Written communication has transformed to be paperless by use email and the internet. It is important to always carry a business card for making a favorable first impression because they are part of the introduction and this business card should be attractive and eye-catching. A business card helps to establish a business brand, which makes the company more easily identifiable by including the company’s logo and advertising slogan on a business card.

Here some reasons are given below why smart cards are better than paper business cards

  • Smart business cards can share information at any time with just a single tap.
  • Smart business cards are cost-effective with unlimited usage.
  • Smart business cards store their information online and keep the data protected.
  • Smart business cards are also eco-friendly since they a made of PVC which is up to 8 times recyclable.
  • Contact information stored in Smart business cards can be customized quickly eliminating the need to print a new stack of paper cards every time a small change is needed.
  • A smart business card reflects a company at a glance.
  • Paper business cards have limited information.
  • Around 88% of business cards handed gets thrown out in less than a week
  • Millions of trees are cut to produce paper which is used for making paper business cards.

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