Usage of Smart Business Card

Usage of Smart Business Card

It’s been an incredible journey from paper business cards to smart business cards. Smart business cards have replaced ordinary business cards, and they’re here to stay. The first stack of business cards I received from my job is still fresh in my memory. I was very eager to exchange my first business card at my upcoming professional meeting. At the start of everyone’s professional career, an important milestone was getting their personalized business card. It is a magical experience to exchange business cards. We are now in an era of the digital revolution. Everything and anything is being digitized to make our life convenient. To keep up with changes in this age of digitalization, paper business cards have also evolved into digital business cards that make networking easier and more efficient.

The digital business cards are equipped with so many facilities that every professional needs. It not only lets you share contact information but lets you do so much more. Here are some ways you can use INTRO cards for effective and productive networking. 

  • Contact sharing with a tap.
  • INTRO card allows its users to share their contact information with just a tap which makes networking much easier. It is less time-consuming and error-free since it eliminates the need to manually input the contact information in your phone. INTRO card allows the sharing of contact information without the need to physically exchange cards. This is one of the key features in the current networking world keeping in mind the social distancing norms.

  • Sharing Social Platforms.
  • INTRO card allows you to share your profiles held on multiple social media platforms. This feature is very essential for influencers and social media professionals. It eliminates the need to share individual platforms for work references. Everything can be done with just one tap. 

  • Sharing Website.
  • INTRO card allows you to share your website link with just a tap. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, employee of a company, or freelancer you can pitch your business or your company’s business anywhere anytime. It is not certain when you are presented with an opportunity to present your business. Whenever the opportunity arises, to make a favorable impression, just tap your card and pitch your business.

  • Changing Information.
  • It is very easy to change and edit information on your INTRO profile. Switched jobs, new businesses, changed phone numbers or addresses, created a new social profile, can be edited and changed easily and efficiently within a few seconds. There is no need to print a new stack of cards whenever a small detail needs to be changed.

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