The role of smart business cards in Bangladesh

The role of smart business cards in Bangladesh

The purpose of a digital business card is, to help connect with more potential clients, partners, and co-workers. A business card plays a vital role for a company. There is no doubt about it, a business card represents a company brand, and is also the first exposure to the overall image of the business. The company logo is prominently displayed for brand identity and gives the first impression. A digital business card is an online means of sharing contact information. A digital business card is a convenient way to store as much information in one place. Here some important roles are given below of a digital business card.

Digital business cards gained traction in 2021 and are taking 2022 by storm. The days of swapping paper for another are over. They’re harmful to the environment and outdated. Digital business cards are becoming a standard replacement to traditional paper business cards within organizations. There are several reasons why virtual business cards are the way to go. They’re convenient, eco-friendly, affordable, contactless, and lead to better follow-ups. Digital Business Cards are electronic formats of your traditional paper business cards that you see and share on your smartphone. With a Digital Business Card, you can quickly exchange information with just a tap and never worry about running out. 88% of paper business cards are thrown out in less than a week. This means that the longevity of a paper business card is very short and of single-use. Using NFC technology, INTRO™ cards can share all of your information when tapped against a smartphone. Business cards have been around for centuries, but paper cards won’t have a place in a post-COVID19 world. While face-to-face networking has slowed due to social distancing regulations, networking online has become more and more common. This is a good thing—life is made up of our interactions with others, and being able to meet and connect with new people is how we grow our personal and professional relationships.

Digital business cards are the electronic version of your stereotypical paper business card. Digital business cards are more easily accessible and shareable.

1) Digital business cards allow contactless sharing of information.
2) Digital business cards allow you to share information with anyone, anywhere.
3) Digital business cards are always up-to-date.
4) Every time you switch jobs, get a promotion, or change your email address, location, chances are you need to order new business cards which you do not have to do for digital business cards and thus save money.
5) Digital business cards are better for the planet by saving trees. These smart business cards are made of PVC so it is recyclable and eco-friendly.

We know that over seven million trees are cut down each year for paper business cards and with 88% of paper business cards thrown away immediately, that’s a lot of wasted paper. Digital cards produce no waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Digital business cards are emerging as the tech-forward favorite for individuals and businesses alike. The quickest and easiest way to exchange data is by smart business card. Multiple business cards can be handed out in seconds at a networking event versus entering data. A smart business card is app free and available for iOS and Android. Easier to generate online networking opportunities. Smart Business Card contains essential information about you and your organization that can be shared and added directly to prospects’ phone contacts with a simple tap. Equipped with NFC technology INTRO™ smart business card will make an impact and a great impression. Simply tap the card on compatible phones, a link with your contact information will open, ready to be saved to the phone’s contacts.

INTRO™ Business Card has both NFC and a QR Code on the back to guarantee compatibility. Smart Business Cards stop the need for printing hundred and thousands of paper business cards for distribution. Digital business cards are also highly flexible and allow editing cards at any time, so they are always up-to-date with the latest contact information. You can put as much or as little information as you want on your card and you’ll never run out of space.

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