Bangladesh's 1st NFC Digital Smart Business Card

Share Your Contact Info With Just A Tap or Scan

Update, Change, Delete, Hide or Add new Info anytime.

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How it works

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Order INTRO smart business card

Place your order through our website.

Design your INTRO Card, upload your company logo (HD Quality), you can also inform us your design instruction.

Our talented design team will prepare the design as per your instruction and send you for confirmation before printing.

iPhone app
            preferences selection screen
iPhone app
              meal approving plan screen


Activate your INTRO card

We take 2 to 3 business days to deliver.

After receiving your INTRO, tap or scan this card with your compatible smartphone.

The “Account Create” page will open, input your valid email and any password, and verify from your email.


Create your INTRO Profile

After email verification, your profile creation page will open.

Fill up your First Name, Last Name, Designation, Company Name, Website, Social media links, Address, Email, Phone numbers, Profile picture, etc. and click “SAVE” button. All of this requires only a couple of minutes.

You can update, change, delete, and reposition, profile information at any time!

iPhone app
                        delivery screen
iPhone app
              meal approving plan screen


Share your contact with just tap or scan.

Just tap or scan the Card to instantly share your Profile. The other person does not need any app.

They can instantly save all of your contact information to their Phone’s Contact.

They can also Exchange their contact information with you.

Powerful Features for Faster Networking

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Share contact information instantly with a tap on NFC-compatible smartphones.


Just use any QR Code scanner to scan the QR Code on the back of your card to share your profile.


Send your profile link to anyone via text message or using any other platform to share your contact profile.

Time (2)
No Time Barrier

Use your INTRO Digital Smart Business card as long as you want.


Update, edit, and hide your information anytime. No Additional Cost is required.


Connect wherever you go. Your INTRO smart business card can be easily shared with anyone you meet.

Email Signature
Email Signature

Use your INTRO link to your email signature, and your customer will get all of your contact, social platforms in one place.

Contact Exchange

Instantly share your contact information with anyone and capture lead simultaneously.

No app
No APP Needed

The other person does not need an app to receive your info.

24 customer support
24/7 Support Team

Create your INTRO NFC digital smart business card and we promise to give you 24/7 customer support.


We help professionals to put their brand in front of people with smart and innovative networking using INTRO.

Team Build

Equip your entire team with INTRO Card for smart networking and leads capture.

cost cutCOST CUT
Cut cost

Change Anytime. Just update the information of the new person, and save it in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How dees INTRO™ work?
Our product is Digital Smart Business Card.Our cards have a built-in NFC chip.When you purchase a card you have to create a profile.In your profile you may include name, designation, company name, website, social media links, address, email, phone number, profile picture etc.

Once the profile is set your card is ready to use. Whenever you want to share your contact information with someone, just tap the card with his/her smartphone and your profile will show up on their screen.The other person does not need any app.They can then save your contact information and also send their contact information in your email.

You can change your profile information anytime.The tap function only works with NFC enabled smartphones. If a smartphone does not have NFC then QR Code will work the same way.

Please See this Video
How to set up my INTRO™ Card?
Once you receive your INTRO™ Card, just tap or scan your card to activate and create your account. Provide all information such as, Name, Designation, Company Name, Bio, website, Social media link, ect. No application needed and setup takes less than 2 minutes.

At the time of your order, we only need to know what to print on your card. Everything else, you get to add to your account yourself at the time of activation of your INTRO account.

Please See this Video
Does the other person need the same INTRO™ Card?
No! When someone taps your INTRO™ Smart Card or scans your QR code your profile will instantly appear on their device via a web browser.

No❌ app is needed for them to receive your information.

Do I need INTRO Card 1000 pcs?
You only need one card. Our cards have a built-in NFC chip. All the information is stored digitally on our server. When you need to share your contact information, you just tap the card with the smartphone and your contact information automatically shows up on the screen.

You do not have to give away the card. You keep the card with you at all times.
What phones are compatible?
✅ Between Tap or Scan features, INTRO™ Card works with all modern smartphones.

Tap function is compatible with NFC enabled Smartphones

iPhones made in 2018 and newer

Most Android phones

Detailed list of NFC-compatible devices:

For all other phones, please have your client scan the QR code on the back of your card.

Did you know?

27 Million

Paper Business Cards Printed Daily Basis

Source: CreditDonkey(r)

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

82 %

Traditional business cards are trashed away. That implies you and your organization are losing business opportunities every now and then.


INTRO Works Like Magic

Make your First Impression special


NFC Chip

Tap to Phone & share your contact details without hassle by INTRO Special NFC Chip.


QR Codes

Open the phone's camera or any QR app and scan special Next Generation INTRO QR code on your old phone.


Device Support

INTRO works on all modern smartphones running both Android or iOS.



82 percent of traditional business cards are trashed away. INTRO™ helps you to share your contact details with people

  • No Apps Needed

    You do not need to install an app to use the INTRO™ card.

  • Always Work

    The INTRO™ Card can be used with All Smartphones.

  • Change Info Anytime

    Change your information at any time by using INTRO™ Web-App.

Why INTRO Business card?

INTRO digital business card allows you to share your contact details seamlessly with others. You can also share bio, location, social media profiles and links to your business or personal websites.

Here’s what some of our customers say about INTRO


Engr. Jakaria Jalal

Head of Division (ED, Sales) at
Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd

INTRO Profile

"I got excited to see this physically finally I got it with my name. Already Updated my INTRO. It looks cool actually and most important it's environmentally friendly. You don't need to print thousands of paper business cards, Everything is now paperless. It's very fascinating to see Bangladeshi company are working on these things. their innovation, design, the look, and the feel, Overall I would say it's a 360-degree Business card. you can connect to everything here and connect with anyone easily."


Chief Consultant at
Rifats Laser Dental

INTRO Profile

"This is really appreciated for this unique innovation in our country. I personally recommend to everyone to try the INTRO Card.

Of Course, I am pleased to use INTRO."

Shoikot Barman Pranto

State Level Graphics Designer
Branding Design Specialis

INTRO Profile

"One of the best decisions I took in my life was when I get the INTRO Card. It just totally changed the way how I represent myself in the professional world. Currently, it works like a portfolio for me. Amazing innovative product.

I highly recommended it."

Dr. Sharmeen Zaman

Oral & Dental Surgeon at
Farazy Dental Hospital

INTRO Profile

"Great customer service INTRO from start to finish. The design team was really helpful. Product delivery was quick and very professional. The card itself works a treat and I'm very happy to only have to have one NFC Smart business card from now on!

Good Luck"